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6 Ways Jewellery Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing to Its Potential & How to Find the Right Influencers for the Campaign

Fashion and lifestyle brands, including accessories like jewelry, remain the top industries capitalizing on the power of influencer marketing. Jewelry brands like Mejuri and David Yurman have all developed their brand thanks to the marketing efforts of influencers. 

With influencer marketing gaining popularity across all walks of life, it’s common for brands to wonder how they can use the strategy to gain market share. And that’s what we look at in this post. 

In what follows, we share six ways your brand can use influencer marketing for jewelry. Moreover, we also share insight into how you can find the right influencers for your campaign. 

So, let’s get started.

6 Ways Jewelry Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing

1. Influencer Collaboration for an Influencer-Designed Jewelry Brand

If you want to use influencer marketing for jewelry to its potential, consider building a long-term connection with an influencer. 

Your relationship should be such that the influencer not only promotes your brand but also owns it. And when an influencer owns your collection, they share their insight into how you can improve your brand, making your brand one of the top-selling jewelry brands.

2. Let Influencers Be the Face of Your Brand/Campaign/Collection

Collaborate with influencers by closely working with them such that they quickly become the face of your latest product line, collection, campaign, or even brand. 

Introduce the influencer every time you introduce your brand or collection. While you focus on increasing your brand’s visibility, you can simultaneously create a hype about who your brand ambassador is. 

Over time, your influencer will be the face of your brand.

3. Team Up with an Influencer Marketing Agency

If your jewelry brand wants to use influencer marketing to its full potential, performing a well-designed concept shoot to increase brand awareness and get your potential customer’s attention can be a great strategy.
If you’re unsure how to perform a concept shoot, an influencer marketing agency can help. An influencer marketing agency for jewelry can facilitate you in developing an influencer marketing strategy so you can make the most of your marketing efforts.
At UAds, we collaborate with numerous jewelry brands for their influencer marketing. Our selection of influencers is based on their engagement rate, interaction, and audience authenticity. We maintain a database of effective micro, macro, and nano influencers that are suitable for jewelry campaigns. We invite influencers to the store to create reels or YouTube shorts and showcase the collection. We strongly advise our clients to choose at least six influencers for their jewelry campaigns.

4. Introduce Your Modified Brand Image Using Influencers

Have you recently modified your brand image? Do you want to introduce your jewelry brand as more socially responsible or environmentally friendly? Or are you a jewelry brand that focuses on inclusivity?

Rely on influencer marketing to re-introduce your brand’s upgraded image to your consumers by showing them more about your brand.

5. Showcase Your Jewelry Collection

Showcase your jewelry collection and let your chosen influencer talk about it. Letting an influencer introduce your brand and share insight about your products can add credibility, which often reflects in higher sales. 

But to win the hearts of your potential customers and convert them into sales, you need to win the influencer first and build a strong relationship with them, so they genuinely speak for your brand or jewelry collection.

6. Don’t Forget the Micro-Influencers

Associating your brand with popular influencers is the key to success, but that’s not the only way out. If you fully want to utilize the potential of influencer marketing, don’t forget to capitalize on the power of micro-influencers as they can help you get the highest return on investment by exponentially increasing your brand’s visibility among the right target market.

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Jewelry Campaign

To find the right influencers for your jewelry campaign, here are a few steps you’ll need to follow before finding the perfect match for your brand.

  • Understand your brand and target audience, 
  • Figure out a social media influencer, content creator, or celebrity who’s popular among your target audience, 
  • Collaborate with the influencer and build a relationship, 
  • Let the influencer be the face of your brand or latest jewelry collection.

Not sure how to find the right influencers for your jewelry campaign? Contact an influencer marketing agency for jewelry and let them develop a successful influencer marketing strategy for your brand so you can stand out.

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