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top influencer marketing trends in India for 2022

Top 7 Influencer Marketing Trends in India for 2023

Thanks to the pandemic, there’s been a substantial change in how social media content is used and consumed. Audience behavior has become tricky to crack as social media platforms are regularly introducing new features to sustain user engagement. Influencer marketing is one of the biggest and most successful marketing strategies of the year and will probably continue in the upcoming year as well.

Considering the rapid progress and popularity of influencer marketing campaigns, it is critical to examine the current influencer marketing trends in 2023 in order to implement more effective campaigns.

That said, here are the top 7 influencer marketing trends in India for 2023.

Brand are Investing in Influencers on an Ongoing Basis

Previously, brands would connect with a specific set of influencers for a limited time period or a specific campaign. However, in 2022, there’s been a substantial emergence in influencer partnerships for ongoing and long-term projects rather than one-off sponsored posts.

Although there are numerous reasons behind this shift, it ultimately comes down to one thing – making a sale. Even influencers with the highest engagement rates have trouble making any real contributions to a brand when they’re brought on board for a single sponsored post. So, to actually capitalize on the influencer marketing trend, a growing number of brands are seeking influencer services for multiple sponsored posts over a period of time.

Video Content is More Critical

Instagram is considered the most significant platform for influencer marketing. While Instagram influencer marketing was initially largely focused on aesthetic images, the newly added features have shifted focus to video content. In 2021, video content has more or less replaced images as it attracts more audiences on social media.

Micro and Nano Influencers are Chosen Over Celebs

According to a report, 70% of the audience trusts social media creators, namely micro and nano influencers, more than celebrities. As brands continue to search for ways to generate more engagement and increase their ROI, they turn towards influencers with hyper-relevant niche audiences due to their higher engagement rates. In fact, a 2019 report suggested that influencers with fewer than 25,000 followers have the highest engagement rates at around 7%. Considering the decline in Instagram engagement rates, it makes sense that a growing number of brands are opting for micro and nano influencers with an engaged following.

CGI Influencers Will Increase

Computer Generated Imagery influencers (CGI) are virtually created, with everything they do being crafted by programmers and designers. Telling a CGI influencer apart from other influencers can be tough. After all, CGI influencers are doing it all, from stylish attires to sporting real fashion brands and dining at the fanciest restaurants. Most of all, not being real hasn’t impacted the popularity of these social media stars. In fact, some CGI influencers have millions of followers and are gaining more popularity than celebrities and influencers.

Short Videos are Trending

With video content generating more engagement and the declining attention span of the audience, short videos are “THE” 2021 trend that is dominating the influencer marketing space. Surpassing over a billion active users, 2020 made it evident that TikTok cannot be ignored. Moreover, with Instagram’s new reel feature, influencers have the opportunity to show their creativity in one or multiple short snippets.

Strong Regulations on Influencer Content

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) clamped down on regulations in 2020, which isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. Strong regulations have been imposed on influencer marketing content, requiring influencers to label their content correctly. With more social media platforms introducing more features to the industry, there will be a further increase in the rules laid out by the ASA. Social media platforms are also playing their role in the imposition of these regulations, with the most prominent example being Instagram’s new ‘paid partnership’ tool.


Influencer marketing has come a long way from where it first began, and as COVID continues to disrupt traditional marketing channels, it is imperative for brands to evolve with their audiences. Influencers are expected to be a great brand avenue promotion for the next few years. Overall, we hope that the influencer marketing trends in India for 2022 mentioned above give you a clear picture of where influencer marketing is heading in India so that you can make better marketing decisions for your brand!

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