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Absolutely! We work with both national and international brands, and have collaborated on various successful brand campaigns. Some examples include myG, Panasonic, Celtic Dublin, Vilvah, Prestige, and many more.

Our experience spans across various industries including fashion, jewellery, education, music, beauty, retail, technology, B2B, vitamin and nutrition, cosmetics, hotels, and many more. We have worked with a diverse range of businesses and sectors.

In addition to offering brand collaboration opportunities, we also provide a range of other services to influencers. These services include free website creation, influencer management, Instagram verification support, tax services, social media management, and much more. We strive to offer a comprehensive suite of services to help influencers grow their online presence and build successful careers in the digital space.

On the day of the campaign, we offer an advance payment to all influencers. The remaining balance will be settled upon the completion of the video posting.

Certainly, we do provide a camera crew as per the requirements. Influencers have the option to either bring their own camera team or utilize our in-house crew. However, if you require a camera team from our side, please inform us at least four days in advance.

To reach us, you may directly call our office number at 7356 424 424 or send us an email at hello@uadsinfluencer.com. Additionally, we offer a dedicated 24/7 WhatsApp support service which can be reached at 9567 96 90 96
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